You are currently viewing Buy 2017 Yamaha F350 Offshore XCC Outboard Motor
2017 Yamaha F350 Offshore XCC Outboard Motor for sale Buy 2017 Yamaha F350 Offshore XCC Outboard Motor

Buy 2017 Yamaha F350 Offshore XCC Outboard Motor

Buy 2017 Yamaha F350 Offshore XCC Outboard Motor

Buy 2017 Yamaha F350 Offshore XCC Outboard Motor ,One hundred miles offshore, it’s truly man vs. nature. Corrosive saltwater. Pounding waves. Churning seas that can blow up out of nowhere. But there’s one thing nature wasn’t prepared for the pure power and reliability of this machine, the Yamaha V8 F350. It provides all the thrust, torque and raw energy required for today’s larger offshore boats.  .................................................................................................. .........................................


2017 Yamaha F350 Offshore XCC Outboard Motor


  • Mechanically Remote-Controlled Four Stroke V6 Outboard
  • Narrow 60° 3.3L Block Design
  • Variable Camshaft Timing
  • Long Track Induction System
  • Precision Multi-Point Fuel Injection
  • 6 Independent Fuel Injectors
  • 4 Large Radius Valves Per Cylinder
  • High Intake Valve Lift
  • Double Overhead Camshafts
  • In-Bank™ Exhaust
  • Exhaust Pressure Reduction System


  • TCI Microcomputer
  • Electronic Single Throttle Valve (65mm)
  • Direct Drive System
  • Sacrificial Anodes
  • Forged Pistons
  • Water Cooled Rectifier/Regulator
  • Water Separator
  • Direct Ignition
  • YDC-30 Aluminum Alloy
  • 5-Step Anti-Corrosion Paint Process
  • Top Mounted Electrical
  • High Output Alternator
  • SST Drive, Prop, Shift Shafts
  • SST Steering Tube


  • Command Link® System
  • Power Trim & Tilt
  • Freshwater Flush
  • Counter Rotation “LF” Model
  • Yamaha Diagnostic System
  • Multi-Charge Monitoring System
  • Single Belt Drive System



Year 2017

Manufacturer Yamaha Marine

Model Name F350 Offshore

Trim Name XCC

Generic Type (Primary) Four Stroke


Engine Type 60° V8 DOHC 32-valve

Engine Power 350hp at 5500 rpm (Prop Shaft)

Alternator (Output): 50 Amp (40A @ 1000rpm, Battery Charge: 33 amp)

Cylinders-Displacement (cc) 325.3ci (5330 cc)

Gear Ratio (Primary) (26:15) 1.73:1

Lubrication Wet sump

Ignition System: TCI, 32-bit ECM with integrated coil-in-cap ignition design

Fuel Type Induction System: EFI/VCT/DOHC

Oil Type (Recommended): Yamalube® 4M (See owner’s manual)

Fuel Type (Recommended): Regular Unleaded (Minimum Pump Octane 89)

Fuel Type (Recommended Filtration): Yamaha 10-Micron Fuel/Water Separating Filter (external)


Oil capacity 6.5L/6.3L w/without Filter

Spark Plug

Spark Plug LFR6A-11-00-000


Note Full Throttle RPM Range: 5000 – 6000


Length Shaft: X = 25″

Bore 3.70 in. (94 mm)

Stroke 3.78 in. (96mm)


Dry Weight 25″ shaft / 346 kg (763 lbs)


Exhaust In-Bank™ dual exhaust with Power Surge Chambers

Compression Ratio 9.6:1

Intake Design Single Throttle Valve

Steering Angle Maximun: 32° from center, either direction

Note Gear Shift: Forward, Neutral, Reverse

Note Ethanol Blend Limit: 10% Maximum

Features C.A.R.B. Rating: 3 Star

Cooling Water/Thermostatic Control

Note Mounting Centers: 28.6″

Features Degree of Tilt: 67° | Degree of Trim: -3° through +16°

Starter System: Electric


Warranty 3-Year Pleasure, 3-Year Government, 1-Year Commercial

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